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History of the Red Door Pizzeria as published in The New Britain Herald
Continuation of the New Britain Herald's article on Red Door Pizzeria
Still The Busiest Pizza Place in New Britain: Red Door Pizzeria
Frank and Nino Napolitano know there are advantages to running a business that started as a family-owned pizza restaurant then became a wholesale Italian pizza-making factory. For one thing, the quality is so consistent that some people who have walked by the Red Door Pizzeria knocked on the door and asked where they could buy the delicious-smelling pizza. The company also established a solid customer base in the food service industry (and is eager to reach out to more customers). Last of all, almost 20 permanent employees care about the quality of the products as much as the owners do.

Red Door Pizzeria has been a landmark on Broad Street in New Britain since 1969. The older photos on this page were taken when the Napolitano family, including the father of Frank and Nino Napolitano, ran the Red Door as a restaurant open to the public. As the years passed, converting to a wholesale operation seemed more feasible. Some of the photos shown in color were taken when the family first started the wholesale business.

The best way to learn about the history of the Red Door Pizzeria business, other than talking to the owners, is to read an article that was published in The New Britain Herald, "The busiest pizza place in the city." It can be accessed by clicking on the left thumbnail below: 
Red Door Pizzeria had its start as a restaurant open to the public.
Red Door Pizzeria got its name in 1969
Pizza making always was and always will be an art at the Red Door Pizzeria.
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